Malta, 28-30 August

On Monday we searched SkyScanner top to bottom to find you the best and cheapest travel options to Malta! Don’t leave it too late. This blog makes it easier for you to snatch a top deal whilst there’s still plenty of time available.


Here are the best routes and prices we’ve found for you! – all flights are going out two days before the event. (26th August)


Bristol – from £58 with one stop.

Manchester – from £117 direct flight to Malta.

Leeds – from £57 with one stop.

Edinburgh – from £65 with one stop.

East Midlands – from £83 direct flight to Malta.

Dublin – from £43 direct flight to Malta.

London – from £72 direct flight to Malta.


Malta’s low rate of infections (second lowest in Europe) means that all quarantine restrictions have now been lifted. The Government in England has given the green light to overseas holidays in a list of 60 countries, including Malta, meaning that visitors from England to Malta will no longer have to self-isolate on their return to the UK. Summer is saved after all!


Please note that these flights are subject to change at any given time*

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